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  • T-Top Brand Boat Cover

    Selling a used but very much like new "T-Top" brand cover. It is designed for a Sea Hunt 234 Ultra. I bought it a few months ago for my center console and it fits, but not right (mine is not a Sea Hunt 234). Rather than modify it, I'll send back out to the market. New it was $1100. I bought it for $500 plus shipping. And that's all I want for it.

    The medium to dark blue Sunbrella cover is like brand new. That's how it was advertised and when I got it that's exactly what it was like. It was only used a hand full of times by the original owner and I only test fitted it once. It's the model that straps under the t-top and allows air to flow from there to the opening around the engine. This design really helps cut down on moisture and mold and keeps everything cleaner and fresher while offering very good protection from wind, rain, leaves and dust.

    $500 plus shipping. Firm.

    Below is a link for the cover

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