Extra Large Dry Boxes for your Boat or Business

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  • Extra Large Dry Boxes for your Boat or Business

    Hey all.

    I have a bunch of extra large dry boxes to sell. They measure 18"L x 13.5"W x 15.25"H, which is larger than anything Plano makes. My father-in-law's company had these made post Katrina for the relief effort as emergency/evacuation kits. I keep one under the center console of the boat and another in the Jeep.

    In any case, while selling on ebay and local, I thought marine shops or boat repair places may want some to sell and/or give away when a job is complete. They were purposefully un-labeled, so it's very easy to put your logo & phone number on them. $30/ea, $20 per 10.

    Here are some details and pics. Shoot me a message if interested and we can work through the details.
    • Largest dry box of it's kind
    • Perfect for outdoor boat, hunting, camping or storage of personal files and documents
    • Fits everything in your Red Cross emergency survival kit checklist for earthquake, hurricane, tornado, off-road, or automobile
    • Watertight O-ring seal around the lid to help seal out rain and moisture
    • Lift out tray
    • Easy access top storage compartment for small frequently used items
    • Comfortable ergonomic carrying handle
    • Durable hard plastic case
    • Color: Safety Orange
    • Box only. Emergency items not included

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    I like those style boxes....Have tools in one, E-Kit in one.
    Need to do some measuring before I order.
    Where are you located?
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      Hey man. I enjoy the ones we use. Heavy duty and holds a lot of gear. I'm in coastal Virginia. I picked up some boxes at Lowes and can ship wherever needed. Let me know and thanks again.