Mercury CLE and Bobs Nose cone Low water Pickup Flusher

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  • Mercury CLE and Bobs Nose cone Low water Pickup Flusher

    HI ! I represent the Designer Manufacturer Jim Ferguson out of Sarasota Florida, I myself am an aeronautical engineer with a passion for boating. Jim has a wealth of boating knowledge over 30 years, known in the industry as Marine Engineering. Feel free to visit the website or ask for advice here on this cool site.

    He has skills in many disciplines related to boating, specialty is low water pickup gearcases. I am well versed in aerodynamics, engines and metal fabrication.

    The Flusher designs are Jim's years of labor and testing. He holds the patents to several different design models for Mercury & Yamaha LWP gearcases including specialty Flushers such as Mercury Super Speedmaster designed for Formula One or Champ Boat gearcases.

    New OEM Part #848703A1

    $50 + shipping

    Click image for larger version.*  Name:	Mercury CLE Bob's Nose Cone.jpeg* Views:	10* Size:	54.9 KB* ID:	396600Click image for larger version.*  Name:	image2.jpeg* Views:	8* Size:	103.3 KB* ID:	396601

    "Always Flush It" with marineengineflushers!

    Best designed Low water pickup Flusher on the Market Guaranteed. Now available direct from the designer/manufacturer Marine Engineering.